International partnership – Schools

Internationalising projects


Simply throwing children from all over the world into one class does not make an international school. Global citizenship needs to be taught, and this is achieved through creating awareness of and engaging with global issues.


The Embassy International School is in the process of finalising an understanding with a school in Scotland and are aiming to create further such partnerships in the future. We aim to facilitate children in making personal connections between our two schools as well as to exchange expertise between staff.


Global citizenship starts at the local level – knowing about and being proud of where we live. A full programme of exploring our local history is promoted through regular trips around our area.


We have an international officer, whose task it is to generate internationalising projects and integrate them into our education programme. Integrating projects into the longer programme is critical to maximising benefit.


The IPC itself aims to internationalise pupils’ learning.


We also have International Day – a day in the third term where a particular global theme is explored and celebrated.


International multiethnic exchange of students, happy students presenting their countries with flags



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