School inspections and quality control

A vital part of any school is knowing that the service we offer is appropriate and of a high quality. There are a number of organisations, both national and international which help up in this.


Membership of these organisations also gives access to recruitment of top level teachers.


Our use of the International Primary Curriculum brings with it membership of the IPC organisation and access to their inspection regime and school assessment tools.


As a brand new school we are applying for membership of the following international education organisations:


The Council of International Schools – “The CIS vision is to inspire the development of global citizens through high quality international education: connecting ideas, cultures and educators from every corner of the world” (quoted from CIS). CIS are particularly demanding in terms of being principled and ethical as employers and as educators.


The European Council of International Schools – has a vision with five key aspects to help member schools; attracting, promoting and retaining talented staff, making use of tangible and intagible assets, managing information and intelligence, safeguarding integrity and standards, and facilitating transformation of learning ecosystems.


The Council Of British International Schools – an organisation that demands high ethical and organisational standards, insists upon good governance practice, UK standards of safeguarding and childcare, compliance with local law, and a curriculum that is not just rigorous, but also compatible with the variety of curricula available in the UK.


We are subject to regular inspections by the Polish education authorities. These inspections ensure we keep good records and that our health and safety procedures are fully compliant with local law.



Schüler schreiben mit in der Schule im UnterrichtOur pupils’ progress will be benchmarked with the International Schools Assessment – an Australian test designed specifically for international schools to help them diagnose areas for improvements in teaching and learning and also measure against world norms for child progression.


Our own internal systems are also rigorous, with standardised planning and learning outcome procedures for each scheme of work, combined with adequate management oversight and lesson observation.


Each child has their own Individual Education Plan agreed for each clas at the beginning of each half term and assessed at the end of each half term. This is a joint process involving the pupil, the teachers and the parents.


The Head of School regularly visits lessons to know the children personally and monitor what actually happens in the classoom.


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