Key Stage 4 – GCSE exams, years 10, 11

Both in the UK and internationally, GCSE exams are taken at aged 15 or 16. Typically pupils will study four lessons per week per subject and aim to sit 8 exams.


These exams are not compulsory. However, they do offer an excellent measure of progress in learning and some Universities in the UK may ask to see results of any exams that have been taken. Typically these exams are at the end of a course which represents excellent preparation for A levels (they were designed for this purpose) and also for IB Diploma programme subjects.


In the Embassy International School we insist upon certain subjects being taken by all pupils:


Non-examination subjects:




Examination subjects:





The remaining subjects are chosen from the following options (listed alphabetically):


Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Drama, French, Geography, History, Music, Polish, Science, Spanish


Additionally we offer scholastic clubs after school which prepare for extra subjects not offered in the main timetable:


Creative Writing

General Studies

GCSE Project Club

Further Maths


Furthermore, if there is a subject you need or want which we cannot accommodate in the timetable, please talk to us and we can try to make your dreams come true, although this may involve extra cost.


The examination board chosen by the school is AQA, who offer excellent standards and a wide range of subjects of interest to us.

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