After school – out of hours childcare

We know that sometimes you need to drop off your children earlier to school or collect them later.


In recognition of this we have organised childminding from 8am. There are no educational activities planned for this time – an assistant will mind your children all together in one group from 8am. Older children will go to their classes by themselves at 8.25am and the Nursery and Reception children will be taken to their building by the assistant minding them. There is no extra charge for this service.


If you need to collect your child later in the afternoon, we can also be of help.


If it is a one off situation then your child can stay with the appointed assistant and do their homework or other useful activity.


If, however, this is a regular requirement then we suggest taking part in some of the after school activities we have arranged, such as our extra music activities, sport activities or creative art activities and if your child has a special request for a regular activity, we can try to make it possible (but we can’t promise everything… skydiving and surfing are not really possible in our location on the ground far from the sea). Some of these activities may involve an extra cost.


Most importantly – please talk to us and tell us what help you need.



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