Trips and Expeditions

The city of Krakow is a world class educational resource; we take advantage of our city centre location to allow us to make regular visits around the city to educational and historical attractions. Our younger classes are given regular opportunities to visit topical places such as the fire station in connection with topics such as people who help us, whilst older children can go to museums, attend shows in the theatre (for Secondary pupils) and experience attractions further away through field trips to places such as Wieliczka Salt Mine, Dobczyce dam and castle. At the Embassy we very much encourage our teachers to make use of the fact that we live in such a special place.


The school also organises a summer camp and a winter camp (mainly for skiing) where we have a variety of educational attractions as well as learning personal independence and team building. These camps are not included in the school fees.


Some of our other trips and expeditions also involve extra costs.





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